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Medical Records

Medical Records is responsible for sending and/or receiving your medical records and making sure your chart and information is up-to-date.


Located:       2nd floor of the Student Health Center
Hours:           Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm
Phone:          801-422-5134
Fax:                801-422-0761

For Medical Records:
If you would like a copy of any of your medical records, click here. Fill out the form and email it to us. We are happy to help with any questions or needs regarding medical records.

BYU does not require immunizations to attend but we are happy to check to see if you had any while attending BYU or if you submitted any records to us.

  • Other places to check for immunizations:
    • The state you grew up in. Google “state” immunization database. Request your records from that state.
    • Former pediatrician or doctor
    • High School. Public schools usually require immunizations to attend.

TB (Tuberculosis) Holds:

You need a TB test if: 

  • You were born outside the country (you can submit one if even if it is old as long as you have not lived outside the US for 6 months or longer)
  • You served a mission outside of the US or Canada
  • You have lived abroad for 6 months or longer

Where to get one:
TB tests can be taken at any county health department, doctor's office, or at the BYU Student Health Center.

What kind of test:
A skin test or QuantiFeron test qualify if they are in English

Where to send:
Please email or fax them (see info above) to Medical Records along with your name and date of birth

Holds will be placed approximately a month into the semester to give time for testing.