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BYU requires all continuing students who are enrolled at least 3/4 time (including Salt Lake Center hours) to have appropriate medical coverage for the duration of their enrollment at BYU. In other words, you must have coverage the entire time you are a continuing BYU student, including during any summers you take off or other short-term breaks from classes.

This page explains the basic requirements for receiving a Student Health Plan.


To satisfy the University's insurance requirement, you have several options:
1. Enroll in the BYU Student Health Plan.
2. Enroll in an Affordable Care Act compliant health plan provided by your parent's, your own, or your spouse's employer that covers you in Utah.
3. Purchase an Affordable Care Act compliant health plan.

If you choose a medical plan other than the Student Health Plan, you must provide verification of adequate coverage at the beginning of your first semester or term and annually at the beginning of fall semester. Carefully review any medical plan you are considering to make sure it will provide you with sufficient coverage for your current and future healthcare needs. Coverage must be effective by the first day of class.

Students enrolled at least 3/4 time (9 credit hours per semester or 4.5 credit hours per term, including Salt Lake Center hours) who do not submit proof of private insurance through the myBYU web site to the BYU health plan office before the deadline each year will automatically be enrolled for individual coverage and assessed the appropriate premium (single or married student rate) for the BYU Student Health Plan. Graduate students will be automatically enrolled if you have 2 semester hours, and if you were on the Student Health Plan during the last semester.

Spouses and dependents will not be enrolled automatically the first semester or term that you are on the plan. If you want coverage for your spouse and dependents, you must enroll them in the plan. Once they are enrolled, your dependents will be enrolled automatically at the beginning of each subsequent academic year.

Students participating in internships, study abroad, or touring groups who do not return a properly completed form to BYU will be automatically enrolled and assessed the appropriate premium for the Away-from-campus Plan. The automatic enrollment will take place when the Health Plan Office receives a list from your department.

The BYU Student Health Plan is exempt from regulation as insurance by order of the Utah Department of Insurance. See In re: BYU Student Health Plan , No. 2003-050-AD (November 21, 2003).

To meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) medical coverage requirement, a health plan must qualify as “minimum essential coverage,” which is a type of health coverage approved by the federal government. Beginning August 31, 2015, the BYU/LDSBC Student Health Plan will no longer be considered minimum essential coverage. If your only health coverage is the BYU/LDSBC Student Health Plan, then you (or your parents, if you are a claimed tax dependent) may be subject to a tax penalty on federal income tax returns for the months you do not have minimum essential coverage. For more information, please consult a tax professional.