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Premarital Classes


The pre-marital classes include information on male and female reproductive anatomy, birth control options, preparing for intercourse, physiology of intercourse, female pelvic exams, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, preparing to conceive, and communication in marriage relationships. The birth control options discussed include pills, mini pills, vaginal rings, arm implants, hormonal and copper IUDs, injections, patches, condoms, and natural family planning methods. The classes last about 2 hours. If desired, participants in the women’s class may meet with one of our providers following the class to get prescriptions for birth control and have any questions answered for no additional charge. We also have premarital appointments available for those who cannot attend the class where we do a brief overview of the topics from the class and give prescriptions. Many of our providers at the SHC offer gynecological services including pap smears, UTIs/yeast infection treatment, STD testing, and more.

The cost of the class is the co-pay for your insurance. If you are a Student Health Plan member, your co-pay is $10.

To register for the class, call our appointment desk at 801-422-2771

The women’s class is taught by Rebecca Crosby, a Nurse Practitioner. The men’s class is taught by Alan Frampton, a Physician’s Assistant.

Class Schedule

  • Women's Premarital Classes are the events in pink.
  • Men's Premarital Classes are the events in blue.